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Welcome To Heaven's Poetry Corner

Welcome to my poetry page. This is a list of some of my favorite poems that I have written. Some are about love and friendship, and everyday life. Please read them....

If you would like to add a poem onto this page or if you wish to use one of my poems just send email to the address listed below, and I hope you enjoy the poems.

And Thanks, Heaven

Above The Clouds
Below The Sea
By Ourselves Just
You And Me All
Alone And Totally
Free Like We
Wanna Be Walking
Along Beside The
Sea Cause Thats
How It Was Ment
To Be Just You
And Me Together

"A Wonderful Mother"
God Made A Wonderful Mother
A Mother Who Never Grows Old
He Made Her Smile Out Of The
Sunshine, And He Made Her Heart
Of Pure Gold In Her Eyes He Plaed
Bright Shinning Stars In Her Cheeks
Fair Roeses You See God Made A
Wonderful Mother And He Gave
That Wonderful Dear Mother
To Me!!

This is a poem I want to dedicate to my Mom (ALICE MORGAN). She is my Mom and no other woman in the world could ever replace her. Mom, I love you with all my heart and soul...
And I dedicate

This Poem To YOU!

I Wonder If  He Knows The Way
I Feel Does It Show Within My
Sparkling Brown Eyes Does
It Show In My Talk, The
Way I Walk..Cos The Way
Feel Within Really Tells No
Lies I Wish I Could Tell
Him The Way I Really Felt
Because If He Knew The
Truth His Heart Would
Truly Melt!

"Test Of Time"
Test of Time Always Together
Never Apart Wishing Always
In Our Hearts That This Love
Will Always With Stand The
Test Of Time

"Never Say Forever"
Never Say Forever Because We
Know It Isn't Real It Isn't Some-
Thing Lasting It's What You Think
You Feel Just Tell Me That You
Will Try But Never Say Forever
Because Forever's Make Me
Cry !

Love Is A Feeling Shared By
Two Its Something Lasting,
It's Something That Happens
Its Not Something You Choose
It Can't Be Changed It's Only
A Feeling That Will Always
Remain Its A Emotion Shared
By Two So I'll Share Mine
With Somone Like You!