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A Little Bit Of Heaven

Welcome. This is a page all about me, Heaven (Aka Bobbie Celclia Banton..) Yes, I had my baby girl, Hannah, on July 6, 1998 at 6:24PM. She weighed 9 pounds 7.7 ounces and was 21 inches long.
Well, this is about me.......

I Am 26, Live In Maryville, Tennessee and I am a student at Pellissippi State getting my (A.A.D) in Elementary Education...I love to write poetry...I follow the Bulls and my favorite player is Michael Jordan, #23... There is a link at the bottom to the Official Michael Jordan Web Site, so check it out!

I suppose I could tell you a bit about my humble little family. I have one sister, one brother and a step-brother. Their names are Krystal Morgan, John Quillen and David Morgan, Jr. My mom's name is Alice Morgan and my step-dad's name is David Morgan, Sr. There will soon be pictures of them on my page.

Now I must tell about my god-son Joe Adam Mccollum Jr. He is 3 and is a doll. He is in the picture with me (below). (Isn't He A Doll?) Anyhow, he was born December 8, 1994, and he will be 5 this December...Now on about me.

I hang out on Talkers, and where you find me most in on the once called Resort, but I go to many. I will soon have Malibu back up. Thats my little creation. Come check them out. I am Heaven on most all Talkers.

Lets see, what else about me? Hmmm...Ohh, I graduated from Heritage High School in 1992. I was 74 out of 325. (Not great, but not bad.) Hey, I tried, I was on the Honor Roll.

Anyway, my sister Had a baby On October 19th. Yep, I am an Aunt. She named him Eric Michael Ray.

Now, about the music I listen to...All, from Rap,R&B,Country to Alternative. To put it lightly, if I like it, I will listen to it. I was born at Mercy Hospital in Bulter County, Ohio on Janauary 19, 1973. I was raised in Tennessee from age 2. I lived in the country all my life til now, and I am glad to live in the city.

I love to play sports. I play softball and basketball for Pellissippi State. I also follow Nascar, I love Jeff Gordon (#24) and I am a huge Tennessee fan (GO VOLS).

Anyway, that about sums ME up. So, be sure to sign my Guest Book. If you have any comments or questions, please send email to me at Heavens@Icx.Net

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